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etherWhere announces the availability of the URSA-1, their first product optimized for precise timing applications

October 01, 2023

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etherWhere Corporation, the low power leader in GNSS development, announced the availability of the URSA-1, their first product optimized for precise timing applications. The URSA-1 chip represents advancements in signal processing implementation and algorithms to achieve low power and lowest jitter for challenging applications such as 5G bases stations and Precision Time Protocol (PTP) for data center networks.

etherWhere’s innovations in silicon development and algorithm have achieved 1σ jitter of less than 4.0 nanoseconds in a 24-hour test. The record setting jitter performance is achieved in a small module of 10.1mm x 9.7mm with a power consumption of less than 33mW. This level of performance will enable new applications where strict timing accuracy is of utmost importance.

“etherWhere URSA-1 silicon has the potential to enable a range of products at VIAVI Solutions to meet stringent power and performance requirements from our customers,” stated Said Jackson, Vice President and General Manager, PNT at VIAVI. “The flexibility of the silicon allows for a smaller form factor and reduced power while still providing multi-protocol precise timing solution and exceeding market requirements.”

etherWhere’s silicon supports all four constellations of GPS, Galileo, Glonass and BeiDou. The URSA-1 features an embedded processor running proprietary algorithms and firmware, DSP accelerators for acquisition and tracking engine, low power RF frontend and an LNA.

“etherWhere’s patented technology is the result of many years of research and maturation of firmware in order to be able to achieve the low power and low jitter solution in URSA-1,” said Farrokh Farrokhi, Founder and President. etherWhere will continue to innovate in the field of geolocation to enable new applications that have been previously inaccessible.”

The customer EVK is comprehensive and consists of a module optimized for space and cost, fully functional firmware, PC mapping software and all the documentation to enable customers into the market. etherWhere is currently sampling the URSA-1 chip to customers for production.

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