Due to the flexibility and feature rich property of our GNSS solutions, the technology can be deployed in a variety of different applications from battery operated devices to connected solutions. Explore how etherWhere can help your particular need with differentiation and cost reduction.

Precise Timing

etherWhere EW6181 delivers Precise Timing using satellite clocks from GPS or other constellation to be utilized in applications such as data center with Precise Timing Protocol (PTP) and the Network Timing Protocol (NTP) or in wireless applications such as wireless base-stations. Recent 5G networks require more precise timing and EW6181 with 24 Hr. jitter of <4 nsec. is well positioned to address the stringent needs of these markets.

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The smart wearables market is estimated to reach $33B by 2025. These devices are striving for low power, accurate location tracking technology that can stay connected in the most demanding environments without multipath interference. etherWhere innovative technology with either one antenna or 2 antenna diversity is the perfect solution for the wearables market.

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Asset Tracking

The logistics industry will be generating $1.9T in operational efficiency as a result of employing IoT solutions. By year 2025 over 100 million businesses will be using asset tracking technology to increase transparency in and accuracy in delivery and estimation.

As online commerce is expanding on daily basis, there is need for more asset tracking solutions. These solutions require low power to preserve battery power, accuracy and sensitivity. etherWhere unique and patented design has the required features to meet the most stringent needs to industry’s asset tracking whether outdoors or indoors.

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Indoor/Outdoor Navigation

Indoor and outdoor navigation can be a difficult task when you are confined by walls and ceilings indoor and in urban canyon outdoors with multipath interference. etherWhere patented cloud computing can help connected devices to overcomes these difficult environments by increasing the sensitivity by 5-10dB. The added sensitivity gives the user a superior navigation experience in difficult environments.

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If you have driven in a busy downtown area you have experienced the difficulty that Urban Canyon creates. The multipath interference as a result of signals bouncing off of tall buildings interferes with the main GNSS signal losing tracking and navigation. etherWhere patented multi-antenna ArrayNav™ technology eliminates the effects of multipath interference by placing a null signal in the direction of unwanted signals. The result is an unmitigated increase in sensitivity of up to 18dB giving the driver a different driving experience. Additionally, the ArrayNav technology rejects any attempts at spoofing and jamming for added security.

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