Products and Platforms

etherWhere has reinvented GPS / GNSS with the industry’s lowest power silicon with the fastest acquisition time. Operate the GNSS chip in either stand-alone mode or with etherWhere’s patented cloud, AccuWhere™, for unmatched Accuracy, Sensitivity, and Coverage.

GNSS Silicon

EW6181 is the lowest power multi GNSS chip for a range of applications with need for accuracy and sensitivity


The MIMO platform of 4 antennas, F/W and EVK demonstrate the valu proposition to eliminate multipath in Urban Canyon and protect against spoofing and jamming

AccuWhere Cloud

The two components of AccuWhere™, Fast Fix and eCloud, reduce power consumption for battery operated devices and increase sensitivity and accuracy for indoor and outdoor navigation, respectively


etherWhere business model allows for the integration of IP in customer ASIC to address particular markets that require such high level of integration