The Application of Multiple Antennas to GNSS

The communication industry has long utilized multiple antennas to increase the sensitivity of wireless equipment for better connectivity and higher BW. Case in point, WiFi routers with MIMO technology. etherWhere has taken the concept beyond wireless communication and adopted multiple antennas in its patented technology, ArrayNav,  to increase the sensitivity of the GNSS system and in the process eliminate multipath in Urban Canyon and also prevent spoofing and jamming.

What the 4 antennas and their associated firmware enable is the recognition of multipath or malicious signals intended to jam or spoof the GPS signal due to their abnormal signature. The ArrayNav GNSS system places Null signals in the direction of those unwanted signals thereby maintaining the integrity of the GNSS operation. The result is higher sensitivity, sub-meter accuracy and faster acquisition time.



  • Weak signal (fading) 
  • Multipath causes error
  • Interference and Jamming

Potential Gain

  • 6dB Gain for non-fading channels
  • 6-18dB Gain for fading channels

Solution: Multiple Antenna (ArrayNav)

  • 6-18dB increase insensitivity
  • Reject multipath
  • Anti jamming and spoofing

ArrayNav Information Under NDA

Demo Setup