AccuWhere Cloud

Enhance your connected device’s location experience with AccuWhere™ Cloud

As the global positioning industry moves from in device computing to in the cloud computing, etherWhere is ready to  support all your needs. etherWhere silicon solutions are  cloud ready to provide better sensitivity and reduce power  consumption. Furthermore, the AccuWhere cloud can also support devices with 3rd party GNSS chips.

Extended Coverage

  • Accurate indoor navigation
  • Urban canyon navigation

High Accuracy Navigation

  • Lane level accuracy
  • RTK implementation in cloud

Extended Battery Life

  • Asset Tracking
  • Smart Tags

Battery Operated Devices

As battery operated devices perform heavy duty computations in the tag to determine their location, they drain their battery. Consequently, asset tracking tags either wake up only a few times a day to preserve battery life or if they report often they have limited lifetime.

AccuWhere cloud is a means by which battery-operated devices can offload their heavy computation to the cloud by transmitting only tens of bytes of raw data received from the GNSS satellites. Depending on the BW available to transmit battery power savings could be substantial. Such architecture will enable the asset tracking tag to either wake up and report more frequently or prolong the life of the tag.

Indoor and Outdoor Navigation

Any user of GNSS technology has experienced the loss of sensitivity, coverage, and accuracy while indoors in shopping centers and stadiums or in urban areas where multipath is prevalent. etherWhere’s solution to such environments is through cloud computing. The mobile phone or other navigation devices, while connected, can transmit tens of Kbytes of raw data to the cloud and let the cloud determine the accurate location and transmit back such information.