The future of Where. Right now.

Advanced GNSS positioning.

We’ve reinvented GPS / GNSS with the industry’s lowest power silicon with the fastest acquisition time and no trade-offs in accuracy and sensitivity.  Our new silicon solution is coupled with cloud-optimized signal processing algorithms and system architecture. Precision GNSS location for IoT, tracker, and mobile applications.

architecture and

The EW6180 is an ultra low power multi-GNSS chip that includes an analog front end and digital baseband. In addition, the EW6180 can operate in stand-alone and eCloud mode for improved performance, allowing system designers flexibility to fully optimize parameters based on the operating use cases. All in a package with the smallest footprint.

Lowest power usage in the market

etherWhere’s EW8160 time to first fix is faster than any available solution. This means less power. Plus, power consumption is adaptive to the specific use case.

Our proprietary signal processing algorithms reduce hardware complexity and enable highly efficient computation.

Due to its low power consumption, the etherWhere chip is ideal for IoT and mobile usage.

Large improvement in accuracy

With enhanced eCloud mode etherWhere’s chip has higher accuracy than existing chips on the market.

Greater sensitivity

etherWhere’s proprietary eCloud delivers an improvement in sensitivity by increasing signal integrity, overcoming signal fading, and acquiring signals from weak satellites.

Advanced positioning for the future. Here Now.

etherWhere’s advanced architecture, signal processing and algorithms, combined with a broad IP portfolio provide the most powerful industry solution. Ready today.

6 US patents granted, plus 5 US patents pending:

  • Low power signal processing algorithms
  • Cloud-based high sensitivity signal processing algorithms
  • Hybrid location systems